Scots Pine (Pinus Sylvestris)

This Scots Pine received a bit of a chop last year as this link shows. (Starting the journey). The tree has been heavily fed during the past year. This has resulted in improved health and significant growth.

I decided to give it a first styling (not my strong suit) and so it was wired completely. The following pics are very revealing. They show clearly my poor wiring and styling skills but also show that there is a basic framework for the development of a tree of sorts in the future. It is an unusual design that is partly a consequence of poor starting material and poor design skills.

The needles are very long and these do nothing to improve the look of the tree. It’s now a question of more growth, fuller pads and shorter needles.

Feel free to critiscise to ’till your hearts content.

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2 Responses to Scots Pine (Pinus Sylvestris)

  1. joshi daniel says:

    nice and cool shape 🙂


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