Japanese White Pine

This post is just about keeping my blog alive. I grabbed a few minutes today (literally a few) to take a few pics of one of my white pines. They turned out to be poor enough pics at that. It was freezing and my trees are still outside mainly because I have nowhere else to put them at the moment. I have some concrete blocks coming today and hope to get a bit of a base prepared for my greenhouse over the holidays.  If that actually happens perhaps I will get it built and into place before we get any really bad weather.

Anyway,!! This little tree is doing quite well but is in real need of a bit of wiring and branch placement. Maybe I will give it a Christmas present sometime in January and adorn it with some wire.  I got a bit of a Gunk (SHOCK) when I had a look at Herons Bonsai for white pines.  check them out The prices are crazy for trees that are very ordinary, well very like this one.

In the meantime thanks for reading this post ( I spoke to someone last week who told me that he actually does read this blog, amazing) and if I’m not on air again before the big day then Happy Christmas. Don’t forget what it’s really all about and don’t leave the Christ out of Christmas.

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2 Responses to Japanese White Pine

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    on air 🙂 Merry Christmas Michael.


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