Larch Re-Visited

This larch received its first real styling last spring and enjoyed a really good growing season in the summer of 2013.

Click this link for details

New Potting Angle

As spring slowly approaches it is time that last years growth  got a bit of wire and a trim. The next step for this tree is to re-pot as we have chosen a new and more effective front. The tree was re-potted in 2011 so the next re-pot will not involve much root disturbance.

The cut at the top of the main trunk needs some carving to give it a more natural look. When I bought the tree originally there was no real apex so I gave it a bit of a chop and brought a back branch up to develop into an apex. It has worked quite well and with the carving and the subsequent callousing of the wound it should start to look a bit more convincing.

I think its time for a better pot so I will be having a look at Peter Snart’s wares when he pays NIBS a visit in early February.

It’s starting to look quite well

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