Beech Group Planting (Fagus sylvatica)

I planted this group in Jan 2012 and it has progressed steadily since then. Unfortunately I left wire on a few of the trees too long and they have been scarred but I am sure the marks are slowly growing out. It was time today for a bit of a tidy so I removed all of last years leaves and  gave  the trees a bit of a trim.

I have tried to bring some more shape to the overall image by reducing the height of a few of the trees. I am quite pleased with the progress and it is early days. Almost time for a decent pot, tray or slab so I am on the look out. In fact the more I look at my trees the more I see that there are many that could be enhanced by better quality and more suitably shaped and coloured pots. Sadly these things cost money and it will need to be one step (pot) at a time

This is the original effort in January 2012

There is an even number of trees, eight,  in the group. I did try to insert a new tree l;ast year but it died off. If i can get a suitable replacement this year I will have another go.

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