Larch Re-Visited

I had a look at this larch a few weeks ago when I had given it a general clean up and a bit of a re-wire tweak as we edge closer to spring. Now it is time for a re-pot.

I bought a nice Walsall Ceramics pot from Peter Snart at the last Bonsai School and brought it to the recent NIBS Club night for a re-pot.  Phil the fingers gave me a hand with the work, as well as giving me a hard time, so in spite of feeling somewhat chastened I’m very pleased with the result.

We have placed the tree more upright in the new pot and turned it about 20 degrees anti-clockwise  to give it what I hope is a better front.

I’m looking forward to the tree recovering and putting on some new growth to increase the branch ramification. I also intend doing a bit of carving at the top of the trunk where I removed a rather ugly stump a week or so ago.

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