Wot’s Happnin T’ill It?

A loose translation of the title of this post which is written in broad Belfast speak is What is happening to my little Larch Should I be concerned?

I have noticed these growth extensions form on my recently re-potted larch over the last week or so and am quite perplexed. I am fairly sure that it is producing cones but is that not a strange thing at this time of the year.

Somewhere in my memory bank I seem to remember hearing that this is not a healthy thing but I may be wrong. In any case I have removed them (about 8 or so) to direct the trees energy into producing needle growth. I do hope I have done the right thing.

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7 Responses to Wot’s Happnin T’ill It?

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    It’s grand Michael. That’s a bit of an old wives tale. I’ve seen loads of very healthy Larch flowering. The only drawback is that they can thicken the branches. Keep or remove, it’s up to you.


  2. phil says:

    Bout yea , tree ok don’t panic its not gonna kick the bucket or anything 😉


  3. willowbogger says:

    mostly I agree with above , however, a bonsai growing cones does put extra strain on the plant that you might be better directing to some other area of development , in your case ramification, as a deciduous tree we look to create larch that look best in the winter image , I personally don’t think that the image of a larch is improved by bearing a heavy crop of cones , a few maybe out of interest, but ,,,, the flowers [ male and female ] are beautiful so enjoy them , then remove most before the tree has to start making the female flowers into cones.


    • Very helpful Peter, thanks. I have already taken the flowers off but perhaps I should have left a few. What I could not understand was the timing. Is it normal for the tree to flower before the needles emerge.


      • willowbogger says:

        I’m no botanist but I reckon that plants have evolved to make best of what ever means of pollination they have, some plants flower when in leaf, probably timed to coincide with insect pollinators being about , plenty others flower before leaves emerge , larch do this, they are pollinated by wind , possibly having no needles about leads to more efficient pollination ?


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