Needle Juniper

My large needle juniper has progressed extremely well since going into its first bonsai pot in spring in 2012, This pic shows it mid-season 2013 after a light trim.


After I almost completely re-wired the tree over a night or two Ian Y very kindly gave it a full tweak and trim today to thin out the large and place the somewhat overgrown pads. These next pics show a before and after shot. I am well pleased with the result and am beginning to see some good potential in this tree.

The lower branches are quite thin and are currently being supported by wire. It will be interesting to see what the coming growing season will bring but I am looking forward to some thickening by letting them grow in length so that they will eventually be able to support themselves and also give some balance to the overall image.

This particular juniper has a tendency to flower heavily each year but it does not seem to effect the vigour of the tree. It does produce a lot of pollen.

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3 Responses to Needle Juniper

  1. seeker says:

    My apologies talking to you at my site. 24 inches, that is fairly big. I’ve been trying to make one but it keep on dying on me. BTW that tree has a beautiful shape


    • Through your site is not a problem at all. I would suggest that you seek the help of a local bonsai group if there is one near you. Local enthusiasts can always find you a decent specimen at modest prices and give help with ongoing care and development. They can even help you start from scratch with local garden centre material. Where do you live?


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