Shohin Yew First Pot

This tree was grown from a cutting from a mature Taxus baccata ‘ and is about 8 years old. I gave it a first very basic styling in Sept 13 with the promise of a new pot if it behaved itself. See Link

Ian Y helped me with the re-pot last week and even took the opportunity to sell me a pot for the purpose. I had intended reducing the root mass in stages but the tree had so many fibrous roots that Ian was happy enough to reduce it substantially to put it into a proper pot. I was at his place with no suitable pot and he had this one that was available to buy. I think it suits the tree well so: Deal Done

The tree in September.


The the new pot

I really should have cleaned the pot before taking the pic but in spite of that omission  I think it looks quite good and is yet another tree with some potential. As with most of my trees I am looking to the new growing season for new growth as the tree continues it’s journey to good ramification of the branches.

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