Attracting Wildlife

I have just managed to get my fish into my newly dug pond and it is already attracting wildlife into the garden.

I have not seen this guy around before but there he was on Sunday on my neighbour’s rooftop. I wondered what he was after  but he seemed to be oogling my pond.

I just managed to get a few, rather poor pics, before he flew away. In fact he was chased away by a large seagull that kept diving and screeching at him. It’s as well I got a pond net before I transferred the fish from a holding tank into their new home. They seem to have settled well.

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4 Responses to Attracting Wildlife

  1. Adam Lyons says:

    Must be an organised assault, 5 fish from my parents pond were snatched last week. They were there 8 years. Looked like this guys cousin. Be careful 🙂


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