Spring Progress

I think I know something of what it feels like to be a juggler and keeping so many balls in the air at once. Having moved house last September I am currently installing and decorating a new kitchen while trying to make sure the garden doesn’t fall too far behind as spring advances.

While there is so much to do there are always things that bring encouragement. Most of my trees are still undercover in the greenhouse and with my blackthorn flowering profusely it’s good to be able to appreciate the progress they are making.

I have always loved the Magnolia tree/shrub and spring has confirmed that we have inherited a mature specimen in our new garden.

My new pond is well advanced and while the finishing touches will have to wait to later on in the year I am glad that my fish have been transferred into it and have settled well. The hugh mound of spoil needs to be moved to form a new flower bed at the back of the pond, the raised pond edges need to be faced with some decorative blocks or timber and the filter needs to be placed and disguised.

These are jobs that will need to wait another week or two yet. The reason for the raised edges is that when digging I struck a solid bed of slate at about 2 ft 9 inches deep and needed more depth. The only way to go was up(rather unexpectedly)

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