Well Fenced and Drained

An old friend of my used often to refer to his own state of well-being as that of being like a field that was ” Well fenced and drained and in the highest state of cultivation”

I thought that this in many respects is true of my trees as they gather momentum in the current growing season. They have been:-

Well Fenced i.e Protected during the winter months. I have no doubt that they are benefiting from this.

Drained. In spite of my early reservations about my ability and the commitment needed to take care of trees planted in a free draining mix I am totally satisfied that to do so was the best course of action.

Cultivation. Routine maintainance and feeding without being enslaved by bonsai care has delivered positive results that are a further incentive to keep at it. A little every or most days has worked for me.

This little Shohin Acer Palmatum is proof of this. It is thriving. It was grown from a cutting stuck about 5 years ago and gives me a degree of satisfaction that I am at last doing something right. It’s colour this spring is excellent and it’s growth rate is really good. I need it to back bud on the long slender lower branch that is growing to the right as I look at the front. I’m sure this will come. That together with further general ramification will combine to make a decent little tree somewhere down the line.


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