Cedar Re-Pot

I went along to the NIBS club night last Friday with the intention of taking this cedar out of its existing container which is very large and placing it into its first bonsai pot. Cedars don’t like too much root disturbance and so my intention was to do as little root pruning as possible by just reducing the depth of the compost and placing the tree into the new pot. I tried to do this but turned to jelly under a constant barrage of banter as Phil the fingers relentlessly pointed out the inadequacies of my re-potting skills. That wire’s too thin, luk (look) at the state of that, he’s killed it and that’s desprit (desparate) were some of the many compliments he paid me. All good fun and I deserve the most of it but I don’t function well under pressure and literally couldn’t think straight. I ended up dumping the tree into the pot, too far toward the back, and then back filled with the old soil mix. Come Saturday I decided to do it again so out she came to get what was virtually a full re-pot by removing more of the existing compost to allow better positioning in the pot. There’s got to be a better pot out there for this tree but that’s down the line when it re-establishes and the pads fill out more.  All in all it doesn’t look to bad. From This-To This

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4 Responses to Cedar Re-Pot

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    Who is this ‘HE’ person you refer too? It most certainly wasn’t me! 🙂 You make us sound like a pack of wolves, although it was a good turn out on the night 🙂

    I must point out to others reading this who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you, that, all things being equal, you are more likely to be the one dishing out the abuse with your witty turn of phrase, albeit in a somewhat old fashioned way 😛

    Oh, Cedar looks great. Do expect a little needle drop after repotting, but it should only be the older needles.


    • WHO ME! Et Tu Brute! And whats this old fashioned reference mean’t to mean. Its completely irrelevant when applied to lil ole trendy 21st century me. Post has been amended to give the relevant credits to good old Phil the fingers.


  2. phil says:

    looks good seamus lol


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