I have just performed major invasive surgery, without anesthetic and completely unassisted. I had wondered in advance if this procedure would bring instant relief but I think that post-op recovery may take a day or two yet.

As indicated in an earlier post about my Scots Pine I have a bit of a love hate relationship with this tree. It’s just not a convincing image. It has been described as a seagull with its spreading arching wings. At NIBS last garage night some suggested far more major surgery that involves chopping it right back to leave one lower branch from which to develop a completely new bunjin style tree. The very thought is very daunting and painful. Most agreed that at the very least the back branch should go.

It has gone. Been done in, Chopped, Kaput never to be seen again. As can be seen from the pic the branch was emerging from the inside of a bend which was less than desirable.

I have tweaked the remaining foliage in an effort to make the tree less of a mass of foliage and to set the lower pads at different levels and the tree has gone from:

Finally i have removed a guy wire that was in place to lower the overall height of the tree to compact the image. Unfortunately this had the effect of exaggerating the large circular bend on the trunk. The tree has sprung back a little and I think it looks the better for it.

From this 1To this:

Chopped and Tweaked

It certainly needs more work as its far from right but I will need to get used to the idea of any other major chops before I can carry them out.

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