Keeping Things Going

I thought it was time to keep the blog ticking over after a long absence but the best I could do was grab another pic or two of my benches complete with the recently added stones that give them a bit of a finished look. Still a way to go but getting there slowly with a bit here and a bit there.

It’s been a good growing season but I have not been able to do any real bonsai work apart from watering, feeding and a bit of a trim here and there. Busy Busy with other things and although I have gone on about it this a bit this season following our house move, it has been very satisfying to see things progress..

I am very pleased however with the development of the cedar featured in the gallery below. It has done really well since gong into it’s new pot but as can be seen it is time for a bit of weeding and a trim.

The cold winds recently have caused a bit of leave burn on some of my deciduous trees. The problem was made worse by the fact that I had left it too long between watering sessions. No real harm has been done but I suspect that there may be early leaf fall for some trees this autumn, especially a couple of hawthorn

By the way: meet the new members of our family. We have two of their cousins arriving on Monday

New Additions

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2 Responses to Keeping Things Going

  1. Hi Michael, good to hear from you! Benches are looking great – I like your choice of woodstain. I’ve been deliberating over a colour for future benches that I’m hoping to build soon. Maybe at the next club meeting you can tell me what one you used 🙂 Love that cedar – looks very healthy!


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