Shohin Potentilla

This little garden centre effort started life as a bonsai in APRIL 2013 when it was put into it’s first bonsai pot. It had been pruned back to the trunk and two main branches and has been left to grow unchecked in the last two growing seasons. It was pruned back hard in Nov 13 and again today.

The tree is very healthy and flowered profusely this season. I am pleased with it’s progress and with the beautiful flower display which needless to say I didn’t photograph.

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3 Responses to Shohin Potentilla

  1. dangerousbry says:

    These things love water during the summer months. Just be carefull with letting it grow unchecked. The more leaves it has the quicker it can dry out.
    I found that with the one I’m about to post. Brown leaves aren’t so attractive 😉
    A small try of water it can sit in helps loads… Bry


    • Thanks for that Bry I have noticed that problem but thankfully no real damage done on any Potentilla. Sadly though a couple of Hawthorn have suffered a little through missing out a watering or two.


      • dangerousbry says:

        Yeah… My big hawthorn has had it bad… Having spoke to a few bonsai folk everyone is suffering similar summer issues.

        Was going to try and photograph the big tree today… But now it’s raining 😦


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