Heading for a Fall

With the exception of a few Potentilla very other deciduous tree in my collection has lost it’s leaves completely. Well, all but this Acer Palmatum. These pics were taken this morning, 1 December. As can be seen the tree is still in leaf even though it has been sitting on the same bench with my other Acers.

Although I suffer from that common male malady known as colour blindness I can still appreciate the lovely autumn colours.

Cold winds are on the way so I reckon that these leaves will have fallen by the end of this week. It looks like a big farewell to the mild weather and a big hello to higher heating bills but it was good while it lasted.


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6 Responses to Heading for a Fall

  1. dangerousbry says:

    Belter with them autumn colours 🙂


  2. Any ideas why the leaves stayed so long on this particular tree?


  3. They never fail to charm.


  4. jerozek2014 says:

    Gorgeous colors – all my maples seem to just poof, drop them in a wet brown mess.


  5. liijoh says:

    Beautiful colors!


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