Japanese Larch (is it progressing)

I think it is. These pics are as much about trying out my new fold away backdrop as it is about this tree.

The backdrop is fine if not big and awkward at times. Still it does a reasonable job.

The tree was wired weeks ago and I have not got around to trimming and placing the twigs. The ramification is building up slowly and yet another growing season in 2015 DV should make a difference. The overall profile of the tree is starting to work

The deadwood at the top of the trunk still needs carved and tidied. Sounds like a job for a garage night.

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5 Responses to Japanese Larch (is it progressing)

  1. Nice image Michael! Where did you get the backdrop? Maybe see you one night soon for a bit of work.


  2. jerozek2014 says:

    I might carve out that deadwood into a uro and shari.


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