Privet Finale

This privet has held on to it’s foliage until now but it is shedding it rapidly now. The last burnt reds are spectacular. At least it looks red to me, I’m colour blind. This condition makes tree care somewhat haphazard at times because I can’t always spot the tell-tale signs of problems that changing foliage colour indicates.

The tree needs re-potted this coming spring. My experience of this tree is that it becomes almost pot bound in about three years after each re-potting. The root mass becomes very difficult to tease out and prune but it must be done.

I am pleased with the development of the nebari which is coming along nicely. One characteristic of the tree is that it constantly puts out shoots from the nebari and I have often thought that maybe I should have kept one years ago and tried to develop a mother and child image. Too late for me now.

One regret that I have is that in an effort to make the tree more interesting I carved the trunk. I think this was probably a mistake

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3 Responses to Privet Finale

  1. dangerousbry says:

    Looks great… Trees are ever changing. Even if you lost the top it would still be a pleasing image.


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