Needle Juniper (Squamata Type Foliage)

This tree has been in development for some years now and its main structure is well established. I gave it a fairly hard thinning out at Friday night’s club meeting and reduced the overall width of the tree to suit the trunk diameter.

It now needs a suitable, smaller, pot. This may be a bit of a challenge as it was placed in the existing pot a couple of years ago because of the nature of the root system at the time. It was largely to one side of the trunk and this made it impossible to put it into a smaller pot. I will only know what can be done when it is eventually taken out of this pot in 3 or weeks time.

I intend to pay more attention to the development of the foliage pads this year as up until now they have been allowed to grow freely each year. This has meant that at the end of each season the tree has become very bushy etc.

The pics show the tree from two different angles as I try to decide what is the best front.

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