A Hard Bit “A” Graft

This is an experiment in progress for a bit of amusement. I had three beech saplings to hand in mid 2013 and decided to try to graft them into a triple trunk. I did so by exposing the cambium layer on one side of the base of each seedling and then bound them together, with the cambium touching, with some aluminium wire.

One of the saplings was broken at the base during my house move in 2013 and the remainder of it has died.

I was left with a potential twin trunk  that I decided that I decided to investigate the other day and much to my amusement I discovered that the other two have actually grown together successfully. So much so that the wire with which they were bound together has been encased with new growth.  It was bitterly cold and when I was hosing out the roots and I was really sorry that I had started at all so the pics are not good.  When I exposed the graft I found that the tree had sent out roots from above the graft. I have left a lot of these intact until the tree establishes in its training pot and then I will decide what to do with them.

I have removed all the old foliage, chopped the trees to a better size and trimmed back the extension growth on the remaining branches. Hopefully the trees will now throw out some shoots lower down on the trunks. If they do then I think a further chop will be in order to make the final tree more compact.

One amusing factor is that one of the trees that I used has very dark  bark that shows no signs of lightning to the usual beech bark colour. It will make more an unusual combo.

Another piece of rubbish to clutter the benches but a bit of fun.

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2 Responses to A Hard Bit “A” Graft

  1. A great idea Michael. I’ve done this with a few field maple saplings but not sure if they’ve grafted yet. Will be doing it with some other material over the next few weeks as well.


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