Privet Re-Pot

As indicated in a recent post it has been a few years since this tree was last re-potted so today was the day

The root mass was packed full and was almost rock hard and took a long time to tease out. It was too much for a chopstick and I had to resort to my metal root hook to do the job. Nevertheless I got the job done in the end and successfully re-potted the tree. It should do well this year and I will need to make sure it is not left as long again. I notice that Harry Harrington recommends re-potting every year.

After a bit of a trim back into the greenhouse for a couple more weeks or at least until I get the benches scrubbed and cleaned of green moss etc.It’s just too cold to be working with cold water at the moment.

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8 Responses to Privet Re-Pot

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    Cold water, ya big Jessie 🙂


  2. Tony Keatley says:

    That’s a great looking tree How old is it?


    • I collected it about 13 years ago in a local park. It was many years old then but had been badlydamaged. There were few roots on it and was more or less a stump with no branches but it recovered well. Unfortuneately I didn’t know how to care for it then so it didnt really progress well. I styled it after myrtle owned by one of the members of the club I was in at the time.


  3. Never mind cold water try working in this lpl


  4. Lol nice tree Michael


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