Bonsai One to One

I had an intensive one to one session today with a rising star in the bonsai world. My Grand Daughter. She did her best to give me helpful instruction but as ever I proved to be a dull student.

I let her work on a piece of Scots Pine nonsense that has been lying about and got her to trim off old needles on the branches. She took to it like a duck to water. We put a bit of heavy wire on the top branch to create a new apex and I then let her trim off some heavy branches that would never be used.

“This is my tree Granda” she said. I decided to remove it from the old flowerpot it was in and put it into a plastic training pot. I know that wasn’t the best idea but she relished the prospect of seeing it in a bonsai pot. She was off school with tonsilitis and had to go indoors for some antibiotic. “Don’t do anything else until I get back, I’m learning today even though I’m not at school” ” she said firmly. I was giving her a little info on how a tree works and she seemed to drink it in. It was a bit of fun for us both.

As for the tree. As I said earlier it’s a piece of rubbish but I will leave it now to allow it to recover and if she shows further interest in it we will work on it again later in the year and try to make a little literati.

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3 Responses to Bonsai One to One

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    They build your hopes up that they will take up the bonsai baton and run with it, only to drop it at the first sign of boys, or in my case, when girls appeared on the radar.


  2. At least I’ll have he pics


  3. dangerousbry says:

    You never know what you never know

    That’s what my little girls said age3. Love it and enjoy it , while it lasts 😉 I say


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