Winter Images

We spent a few nights in the Cork area last week and I was greatly struck with these tree scapes along the banks of the river on the road between CorK and the town of Bandon. I thought they were worth stopping for. I think it’s the River Bandon.  The eerie silence and the tree silhouettes as I walked a short distance along the river bank was quite special.  The sky was quite overcast when I took them so the light wasn’t great but the shots have come up quite well.


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2 Responses to Winter Images

  1. Hi Mike.
    Call to me next time when in Cork around and I will show you more lovely places around here.
    Piotr 🙂

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    • Piotr, Thank you. You almost got a call this time but I did not want to presume. Would love to see your trees . Next time definitely although that’s probably a year ahead. We were at a conference in Bandon and stayed in the Cork International Hotel.

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