Blackthorn Reprise

I have featured this tree a couple of times recently but I couldn’t resist taking a quick Pic of it again today. It has finally reached it’s peak of flowering this year and is already beginning to drop some flower petals. This tree is looking as good as I have ever seen it and for those who are interested it is surely worth another viewing before the flowers fade for another year.

5 April

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5 Responses to Blackthorn Reprise

  1. Osca says:

    Hey Michael! Tried to find your email, couldnt find it. Can you send me an email (info(at) I’d like to get your permission sharing this photo!


  2. Osca says:

    Cool, thanks! Just added it to the bonsaiempire facebook page. Michael; would you like to add our blog ( to your useful sites list? I’d love to add your blog to our links too.


  3. Ha Tikvah says:

    This is one truly STUNNING tree – utterly envious :). Only just starting out with bonsai & obsessed with anything that flowers so this is just beautiful to see.


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