Hawthorn Cascade

This tree has been in development for some years now having started life as a self seeded sapling in my garden.

As I think about it I realise that it hasn’t developed as quickly as I would have liked and I can’t seem to encourage the cascade branch to grow much longer  and this as what I really want. I have tried lying it almost horizontal to raise the lowest point of the tree to at least the same level as the roots. I understand that this helps the sap flow to the lowest point of the tree.

It’s early April and a few of my hawthorns already have developing flower buds. This is a bit of a dilema as we all like to see the flowers but I am not sure to what extent they hinder branch growth and development by using the trees energy for flower and bud development.

I have compromised this year with this tree and have removed all the buds from the cascading branch and have started out on an intensive feeding regime of chicken pellets, fish emulsion, seaweed extract and tomatoe fertiliser. Obviously not all together so I hope to see a difference this year.


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2 Responses to Hawthorn Cascade

  1. What about placing the pot on its side this year so that the cascading branch is growing up to the light? Tape up the open side of the pot, and make drainage holes in the side that will be the temporary bottom? Sounds like something Michael Hagedorn would do!


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