A Word About Feeding

After what can only be described as a marvelous Easter Week of hot sunny days we have endured a long cold wet spell. From late April right through May the wind chill factor has been grim and there is not much to entice a guy into the garden at times.

Having had some work done on some of my trees in February by Robert Porch I continued my plan for this year which was to feed, feed, feed all of my trees heavily. Most of my trees have been fed a staple diet of chicken pellets with fish emulsion and seaweed extract on alternate weeks more or less. Mixed with that has been an occasional feed with tomato food and the results have been significant. I know the pellets are a bit messy during a prolonged wet spell but when it dries and has done its work it’s quite easily removed.

The few trees I have that are more refined I have fed heavily with Kaizen Green Dream. The growth on these has been more muted but acceptable. I put this down to the probability that it is a more balanced feed than the chicken pellets.

In the interests of ramification etc I have settled for long pine needles and long extension growth with large leaves on my Acers. This extension growth has been trimmed back every so often as I try to obtain minimum distance between bud nodes.

Because of the cold winds there has been a little leaf burn on the soft growth of some of the more delicate Acers but as I intend to start defoliating pretty soon that won’t really matter as I will protect the next flush of leaves the best I can.

These two hawthorns have received a chop. One at the end of last season and the second at the beginning of this season. The back budding has been great and the extension growth, which I have loosely wired, has been excellent. I can honestly say that I have never had as much growth on any hawthorn in previous years. I have deliberately removed all flower buds to conserve energy and maximise branch development

I intend to let them grow on to thicken the branches and to let the apexs thicken some more. After this another chop will be in order.

The inverted flower pot is packed with damp sphagnum moss to produce a bit more character on the very smooth bark.

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