Deshojo Defoliation

My Deshojo has suffered a lot from windburn this season. The cold temperatures and the drying breeze has been relentless over the past weeks. I think that the sea air has also been a factor in causing the new extension shoots to wither. With the prospect of some better weather and higher temperatures ahead of us I thought it time to defoliate some of my Acers. The received wisdom appears to be that the red varieties should only be partially defoliated so this has been my approach to this tree.

I think it has benefited from the thinning out and I am looking forward to the fresh growth emerging intact.


The next pics show the hail my poor trees had to endure on Sunday past.

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3 Responses to Deshojo Defoliation

    • Ben my simple answer to your question is that I did not use any particular approach. Perhaps wrongly. The tree was in good health and was growing strongly everywhere. I took all larger than average leaves off together with all leaves that in this case had suffered windburn. I looked for leaves with long spacing between nodes and removed them as well. I then simply tried to balance the appearance of the tree the best I could. That hopefully also means that the strain on the tree is evenly spread. It will be interesting to see how it responds.


  1. Some of my maples are the same, Michael. Its been a long, cold spring. A lot of my material seems to be about a month behind! Bring on the better weather! I want to partially defoliate a red maple so I can wire it. Do you leave inner leaves on, or remove one out of every pair or a different technique? I’ve never done it before.


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