The Big Sleep

After a long absense from the interweb (didn’t notice you were gone I hear you say) I have managed to shake off my lethargy and take a few pics of this little juniper that caught my eye on the benches the other day.

This tree started life as a cutting some years ago and although the trunk movement is a bit contrived the foliage pads have filled out in the latest growing season. With a bit of judicious branch placement, correct front selection, further pad development and refinement, algae removal and a new pot I think the tree offers some potential of a decent final image.

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2 Responses to The Big Sleep

  1. Steve Moore says:

    Welcome back. I recently took something of a “sabbatical” myself, as you might have read. I’m guessing that while you weren’t writing about bonsai, you were still doing bonsai. 🙂


    • Yes Syeve I was still “futterin” away at them albeit not as regularly as I should have but am generally pleased with the overall improvement of my trees. Good to hear from you. Loved your trip to Ecuador.


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