Scots Pine

This is hardly the best tree with which to bring my blog back to life after another long absence but here goes anyway.

There has been a lot of indecision about this tree over the past few years. Many questions have been asked including what is the best front, what branches should be retained, should it be chopped, is it too squat or should it be binned. Currently I’m inclined to favour the later.

However having decided a couple of years ago on the best front after further serious consideration it was decided that the tree had been compressed too much in height and as a result there was not enough definition between the lower branches, ie they were virtually on the same level and added nothing to the overall image.

Robert Porch had a look at it for me earlier this year and suggested opening the tree up to produce space between the lower branches and to open up the overall image. One disadvantage in this is that it adds height to a fairly tall tree with a relatively narrow trunk but all things considered I thought it was the best option.

The bend in the trunk was opened up using a large G Clamp whose jaws had been reversed to open up rather than close. It was applied march this year and will be left in place untill March next year at least. The tree was left to grow unhindered in the past growing season to allow it to allow it to recover from the stress.

I have just cleaned out all the old needles and thick inner growth and the tree now needs a complete rewiring and branch placement etc.

Unfortunately the clamp obscures part of the front and that makes for a pretty poor overall image at this stage. What I can say is that up close and personal the tree does look a little better than the pics suggest . However as I continue to look at it in the pics I am bound to ask what Dan Barton asks about one of his Scots Pines featured in his Bonsai Today book! Is a silk purse possible.? I somehow doubt it but Hey, It stops you from going mad.


The tree before

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