White Pine Update (Problems???)

This tree has progressed very nicely in the past growing season but I am wondering if I have a problem and would appreciate some informed comments


This is the tree Sept 14

The detail shots of the needles show that many of this years are turning brown at the tips and this is gradually spreading down each pine needle. Is is a fungus or some other problem. If a fungus what spray should I use. I have already sprayed with a fairly strong solution of Westland Plant Rescue whose main active ingredient is Difenoconazole.

I gave the tree a bath in a solution of Epsom Salts earlier in September and am wondering if this could be part of the problem,

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8 Responses to White Pine Update (Problems???)

  1. Looks like something has burned the needles possibly the empsoms salts Or the spray you used, why did you use the salts?
    Looks like it is a strong negative reaction to something you have done to the tree, I wouldn’t be spraying it with anything else at the min just plenty of tlc. hope this helps a bit Michael


  2. Hi Michael it looks and sounds like it is a negative reaction to something that you have done to the tree, either by using the salts to strong or the spray looks like the needles have been burned which would make me think it was the spray. I would not treat the tree with anything else just plenty of tlc. What did you use the salts for? same for the spray?? Phil


    • Hi Phil, Thanks for your comment.You might remember that I brought one of my white pines to a Septembers club meeting and the reaction of most was that it was very yellow. I used the Epsom Salts to help green up the foliage. I can’t remember if there was any sign of browning before I used the salts. The spray was only used recently in case the cause was a fungal problem. I have given this tree in particular a long drenching in a basin of water to try and remove any possible salt residue in the pot.


  3. Hi Micheal, I talked with Mr Tanaka (my Oyakata) and asked his opinion from the pictures. He said that the tree looks very weak and there are many problems that could of caused it. The tree being, too wet, root problem, substrate issue, fungus, not enough fertilizer, or potentially a combination. I suggest trying to keep the tree dry, take off the moss and clean the surface (take a little substrate from the top and replace if needed), protect from the rain, tilt the pot and only water a Little when the tree is almost bone dry. White pines can take drying out no problem and for good health need to dry out between watering’s. The UK’s climate is too wet without rain protection though, white pines graft on black pines do ok because they are often young and strong.
    I hope this is a little help.


    • I really appreciate you taking time to comment John and will take on board all you have said. The tree grew grew very well this year as I fed heavily with poultry pellets. It has been a wet summer but a dry autumn. Should I remove the affected needles.


    • John I also used Kaizen green dream organic fertiliser through the season with occasional watering with fish emulsion and foliar feed with seaweed extract. Late in the season tomatoe fertiliser. Its in a very free draining mix. Are you suggesting that the pot is too small. The buds are developing fairly well although they are not as full as on my other white pines. Although only re-potted 3-4 years ago the medium surface is quite solid. Would it be an idea to remove it from the pot without disturbing the roots and putting it into an oversized container with very free draining medium over the winter.


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