More on the White Pine

I thought it would be a good idea to post a couple of pics of the new bud formation on the tree featured in my last post. It has produced buds on almost every branch tip and there is also some back budding on different parts of the tree.

What is very peculiar is the sharp contrast in colour on one branch in particular which is the expected bluish green while the rest are very yellow. The yellow foliage is taking on a green hue however and I am hoping that with TLC the tree will recover.

My problem is that I am colour blind and I don’t always see  the gradual changes as they occur but often only notice a difference in appearance when it hits me full in the face or someone points it out to me.

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2 Responses to More on the White Pine

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    We’ve chatted about JWP before Michael and how they like it on the dry side here. I honestly think this pine will be fine considering how weak it used to be and the great job you did turning it around. I think a wet Summer may have impacted on it. Also you moved the tree to a new location in the last year and perhaps it’s getting more light? Just a guess, sometimes a branch that’s shaded out by other branches will stay that blue colour. The buds for next year look good for here. As for the brown tips, I notice that some are missing the very tip as if they’ve been cut or nibbled by something. A damaged tip will go brown on pines. Could be some of the things others have suggested too I suppose but I’d like to get a look at it at some point.

    • Thanks Ian. The tree is definitely getting much more light than before. As for the short ends. I admit to cutting off some of the brown tips before as a cosmetic exercise. I don’t think pests are the problem

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