Small Scots Pine

This is a little piece of material I gave to my granddaughter to work with earlier this year. We cleaned it out and potted it from a plastic flower pot into a plastic training pot and left it for a month or two when I then added some wire.

The tree grew well this year and was de-wired a month ago to stop the wire biting in and it was then time to have another go.

I brought it to a garage night in Ian Y’s place two weeks ago and Ian suggested losing a top branch and jinning it and also turning the tree around about 25 degrees anti clockwise to give a better front with more convincing movement.

I thought about this for a while when |I got home but then realised that by turning the tree it brought the source of the main back branch into view and unfortunately it comes out of the same place on the trunk as the main left branch. This created a T bar look. Trouble was I liked the movement from Ian’s suggested front so I decided that the only answer was to try and create that movement using the existing front.

Really heavy wire and rafia is always a bit of a pain so I came up with the idea of a little cradle and a G Clamp to get the movement into the top of the tree plus a wedge and Guy Wire to get the movement into the lower part of the trunk. It has worked very well and has given me just what I wanted. I was then able to re-wire and do some initial branch pruning and placement.

It gave me something not too taxing to do on an autumn Saturday afternoon. Time will tell if it will work as an image but with a decent pot I’m reasonably happy with the prospects for this little nothing tree. It obviously likes the mix that it is in so I wont be re-potting any time soon until it fills out some more.



Alex 3


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