Cotoneaster Franchetti

As my cotoneaster franchetti enters into winter dormancy I thought it was worth a few pics. This species is not one of the best for bonsai but this particular tree is worth keeping simply because:

  1. It has a personal value because it is one of my own very early attempts at bonsai when I didn’t really know what I was doing.
  2. It has an interesting and unusual aerial root
  3. It has a lovely display of berries each year
  4. It has an interesting deadwood feature that is a challenge

I don’t know how long the deadwood will survive as it is naturally very soft and subject to rot. I have treated it with wood hardener again this year and thankfully the wood is holding out well. I wonder however how much of it will remain in 20 years from now.

Next year I am going to try to reduce the leaf size by cutting down on the feeding which up until now has been with a view to producing maximum growth. I also hope to leaf prune for the first time next year. That will be interesting.

It needs a better pot. Meanwhile I just enjoy what I have.




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