Starting another growing Season

With the improvement in the weather and the trees pumping sap its great to get them  back onto the benches after the winter months in the greenhouse. Although it has been a relatively mild winter it has been so wet. In spite of that I have most of my re-potting done and have just a couple more to do so I am looking forward to further improvement in my trees this year.

I also had a very enjoyable workshop day with Robert Porch last week. Robert’s help is much appreciated and he was tireless and conscientious in his input on the day with a constant flow of information throughout the day from early morning to late evening.



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6 Responses to Starting another growing Season

  1. dangerousbry says:

    Your trees have come on leaps and bounds!!! Better than mine … 😂


    • Hold on there Bry. While I appreciate the compliment and know my trees are generally progressing well I always enjoy looking at yours and see the progress they are making

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      • dangerousbry says:

        Slow going at the moment having moved house end of last year. Benches required 🙂
        Some have had a good wiring , some will have to wait until end of yr due to repot 🤔


      • Over the last 2 yrs I have been feeding very heavily from the start of each season to produce growth and branch thickness. It has been very sucessful. I mainly used chicken pellets but also Kaizen Green Dream. On some trees like Acers and Pines I am holding back this year until later on to try and produce finer growth and shorter needles but will start again mid season. In the meantime I am using fish emulsion and seaweed extract.

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      • dangerousbry says:

        I’m trailing Tibolar this year. People have had good results.
        Also I’m checking out the benefits/secrets of Worm Juice 😉

        I wish I was so systematic with feeding, I forget when it was done last and having the kids ruins plans for tree care hahaha but they’re still going hahaha


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