Acer Palmatum “Deshojo”

I re-potted this tree a couple of weeks ago and it wont be long until it is in full leaf. The fresh spring growth is always worth seeing.

The ramification of the tree is developing steadily and the overall image is becoming quite acceptable.

The nebari however has always been less than good due to the presence of roots emerging 30-50cm up the trunk and away from the main roots. These have been removed gradually over the last few years and the last of them at this recent re-pot. If I can strike a few cuttings this year I will try a few root grafts as soon as is practical.

I’m not sure if the tree is a little too tall and I would like the lower branches to extend a little more to produce a more mature image.

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6 Responses to Acer Palmatum “Deshojo”

  1. I like this tree, bet it looks fantastic when the new leaves come out. Have you thought about putting it in an over sized shallow box for a few years to help develop the nebari. I find that this works well with maples


  2. bryttanybonsai says:

    Height looks OK to me on the photo (fwiw!). Bryan


  3. Lovely image, Michael. It’ll only get better 🙂


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