White Pine (pinus Parviflora)

This little shohin has been put into its first pot since it was created from a larger tree that received the chop a few years ago. It has some potential but is still very much a work in progress.

The pot is deliberately oversized to encourage further growth although I won’t feed the tree until later in the season to try and encourage shorter needles on the new bud extensions.

Like all of my white pines the existing growth is a much lighter green than I would like but it has plenty of healthy buds. I am hoping to rectify this problem this year. Suggestions welcome


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6 Responses to White Pine (pinus Parviflora)

  1. dangerousbry says:

    Nice drum pot 😎👍🏻 and tree 😉


  2. bryttanybonsai says:

    In a bigger pot for further growth then you are not feeding until later? Is it not better to get it to where you want it and once there worry about the short needles. Not sure you can do both at the same time? Could be wrong! I am no expert!! LoL


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