An update on a Couple of Trees

I have been doing a bit of serious thinning out and pruning on this Scots Pine and Yew.

The Scots Pine has had most of the old needles removed and I have wired and placed the branches etc. I am pleased with the result and see this tree developing nicely.

The yew is a tree that I have never really taken seriously but it always thrives despite its neglect and was back budding very well.

I decided to take out as much coarse and thick branch ends and tips to try and develop  taper. There is still more reducing ahead of this tree but not until it back buds more. I have also carved the trunk a little and increased the size of the shari.

Hopefully I can make a half decent informal upright out of it eventually.

Obviously the overall appearance of both trees would be improved immediately with better pots.



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2 Responses to An update on a Couple of Trees

  1. You’ve mabey taken a bit much of the yew Michael but looking good as is the pine

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