Jin and Tonic??

I have taken the head staggers and have made a couple of drastic additions to my large larch. Time will tell whether or not I was wise.

I have added two large jins to the tree that I think work well at first appearance.  The first one comes out of the top of a curve in the trunk and up quite a way through the branches to break out of the apex foliage.  I think it looks quite good at this point. The only question is that when the tree drops it’s needles in winter will the long extension be seen to be too straight ? if it doesn’t work it can be removed and given the fact that larch callous very quickly the wound will be well disguised in no time.

The second Jin works lower down on the trunk works very well I think and I am well pleased with the result. Once the wound callouses around the point where it enters the trunk I think it will be quite convincing.

Your comments are awaited eagerly. This is the tree without the Jins

Larch Spring 2018 small

And with


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