Larch Update (Larix Kaempferi)

This large Japanese larch, standing about 70 cm has progressed and developed very well over the last few years and I am well pleased with the overall image. I haven’t fed this year as yet apart from an occasional liquid feed in order to keep needle length and extension growth under control. I intend to start feeding heavily again in a week or so as the tree still needs more ramification.

This is the tree today and also when it was re-potted in 2015



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Deshojo pleasure

Another time the early spring colour of my Deshojo Acer brings great pleasure and satisfaction. I have a few Acers of different varieties and don’t find them particularly easy to control as the early growth starts to extend and fill out but this Deshojo somehow seems to be so much easier.

The ramification is building up nicely and leaf size is reducing steadily but the colour is stunning.

I hope you enjoy these couple of pics.

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A Cold Dreek Easter Sunday

I nipped out into the cold wind today to take a couple of pics of the benches. It was  Baltic cold but the trees are lush and green thankfully. I must be doing something right.


It was too cold to hang about for long

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Blackthorn: Keeps on Giving



Another year and another spring and my little Blackthorn just gives again. Its a short flowering season for this little tree but a very enjoyable one.

I have ordered a new pot for this tree and had hoped I would have been able to re-pot this spring. maybe not if it doesn’t arrive soon.

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New Shell Pot

This is a pot I have just made from fibre glass and a mix of cement, insulation fibre and grit roughly following the steps outlined in Dan Barton’s The Bonsai Book. I have painted it with a mix of red cellulose primer, motor cycle exhaust black and a dark blue gloss.

i was really surprised at how strong the pot appears to be and it’s weight just what I would expect from a clay pot of the same.

Getting my tree into the pot was another story and I will post a pic or two of the final product when I get a chance.

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Last snow before spring

This gallery contains 8 photos.

Originally posted on Shohin Bonsai Europe – Morten Albek:
As usual winter wants to sign out of the season by dropping a few cm soft snow over the garden. It will be gone by tomorrow, and then I am ready…

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The Best Deciduous Bonsai: Noelanders Trophy 2017

This is a truly amazing hawthorn raft that many would love to own. I hope its new owner enjoys it and gives it the care and place it deserves. Well done and Congrats Tony Tickle

Bonsai & Yamadori from Tony Tickle

Saturday 4th February 2017 will be forever etched in my memory as the day I was lost for words. I was presented with an award that I simply thought would always be beyond reach ‘The Best Deciduous Bonsai at the Noelanders Trophy’

The tree was one that I had worked for 26 years, a Hawthorn in the raft style that I collected from the hillside way back in 1991. I had worked the tree as best I could, styling, feeding, watering, treating it when it was not thriving, repotting 6 times this was a tree that had grown with me. In all the years the tree had received many awards and now it had won what must be the ultimate accolade from the most prestigious bonsai show outside of Japan.

Prior to showing the three I announced on social media that the tree was to be shown at The…

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Workshop with Ian & Phil

A good day was enjoyed by all who attended the workshop taday in Newtownards. The venue, Ian’s garage, was freezin’ as usual but there was plenty of heat generated between banter and work.

I brought a yew along that has been kicking around for quite a few years but has never really been systematically worked on so toady was its day.

I am pleased with the results although it is very obvious the tree has a long way to go before it will become anything, if ever!

Below are before and after shots of my Yew.

Some other shots taken on the day

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Larch Progress (Larix Kaemperi)

My large Larch continues to make steady progress. My current objective is to build up ramification without the branches developing ugly course growth at the branch intersections. Its slow progress but the tree is improving year on year.

This tree has been in training longer than I wish to remember

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Chuhin White Pine

This little white pine was chopped a few years ago and is progressing nicely. There are plenty of buds and back buds developing for next years growth. It went into this pot for training and development this year and I hope to see shorter needles and fuller pads in the next year or so.p1000867

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