A Couple of Trees

As the growing season slowly loses its momentum I have grabed a couple of pics of a couple of trees that have performed reasonably well this year.

The first is my Cotoneaster Franchetti and the second a Chuhin Scots Pine



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Tall Scots Pine Update

This tree has had a good growing season so far. The candles have extended well and are now ready for pinching. I intend to pinch most over the next few days but will leave those that are just above the widest part on the left hand side. These will then be wired down and allowed to fill out in due course to give the tree a more even rounded conical look.

Full Tree

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Scottish Bonsai Show 2017

This gallery contains 28 photos.

Originally posted on Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai:
I set off at 06.00 am on Saturday morning to travel a hundred miles north to the city of Stirling, to help set up our clubs’ display stand at the Scottish National Bonsai Exhibition.…

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Miniture Hosta

I don’t do accents mainly because I just don’t have the time but I do have a couple of little Hosta, Cracker thumbs that come back every year in spite of much neglect. I thought they were worth a pic.

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A Couple of Shohin in Development

These two trees started life as shohin a few years ago and I am pleased with their progress. The first is a Japanese White pine that was much taller until chopped to the top of the thick trunk a few years ago.

Rock White Pine

Original Tree

The second is a yew grown from a cutting over many years. Serious development as a shohin started in late 2013.

Original Styling


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Hawthorn Progress

I am pleased with the progress of this informal upright hawthorn. I have deliberately potted it into a deep pot to allow better root development and improve ramification.

The tree is growing well this season and to date this year I have only pinched back a few leading growth tips on twigs that have thickened enough. I intend to give it its first real trim in a week or so and this should help further ramification.


In time this tree will get a much better pot.

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Scots Pine Progress (Pinus Sylvestris)bonsai

This large Scots Pine, originally dug up from MOD scrub land in Surrey about 1995 is doing well. Having had some indecision about the front and the curve in the trunk about five years ago I finally settled for the current front and trunk about three years ago with the help and advice of Robert Porch I have fed heavily for the last few seasons with some success.

This is the tree 5 years ago Here

The following link shows the tree as it was 2 years ago. Here

This is the tree today after re-potting to a different but not final pot this year:

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Larch Update (Larix Kaempferi)

This large Japanese larch, standing about 70 cm has progressed and developed very well over the last few years and I am well pleased with the overall image. I haven’t fed this year as yet apart from an occasional liquid feed in order to keep needle length and extension growth under control. I intend to start feeding heavily again in a week or so as the tree still needs more ramification.

This is the tree today and also when it was re-potted in 2014



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Deshojo pleasure

Another time the early spring colour of my Deshojo Acer brings great pleasure and satisfaction. I have a few Acers of different varieties and don’t find them particularly easy to control as the early growth starts to extend and fill out but this Deshojo somehow seems to be so much easier.

The ramification is building up nicely and leaf size is reducing steadily but the colour is stunning.

I hope you enjoy these couple of pics.

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A Cold Dreek Easter Sunday

I nipped out into the cold wind today to take a couple of pics of the benches. It was  Baltic cold but the trees are lush and green thankfully. I must be doing something right.


It was too cold to hang about for long

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