Barton Hawthorn

At certain times my garden is literally full of dozens of Ash and Hawthorne seedlings. The ash seedlings appear every year but the appearance of the Hawthorne seedlings is largely dependent upon when I trim the large section of hawthorn hedge that forms part of my garden boundary. Obviously when I cut it affects the amount of May Flower and that of course affects the formation of buds hence seeds.

About 8-10  years ago approx I popped a little 4 inch seedling into a pot  and let it grow on and then I was inspired by a tree in Dan Barton’s book, The Bonsai Book and decided to try to grow a copy.

This is the page/tree in question

The long trailing bottom branch has been longer but unfortunately has broken off at least twice over the years. I will try to extend it this year.  In common with my other trees this one has suffered neglect and  has been has been in the same Plastic Rose Pot for some time. I’m sure a better potting medium and conscientious feeding in the coming year will do wonders for it.

The branch extending to the right is obviously my own DESIGN. I may well chop it and stick slavishly to the Barton Design.

This tree started life as a bit of a novelty and challenge to see if I could mimmick Dan’s tree. I sort of like it now.

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