Beech Group Planting Fagus Sylvatica

I have never attempted a group planting before so I decided that today was the day. I had access to a number of saplings the tallest about 90 cms so I decided to use them. I have used a standard plastic 17 inch plant tray as my training pot. As you would expect I drilled a 30 or so 1/4 inch drainage/tie holes in the base.

The pic reveals that some of the saplings are quite bent at the base but I reckoned that the depth of potting medium would hide this and if some of the curved areas eventually break through the surface it could add a bit of character to the overall image in the future.

I lined the base with potting medium (50% cat litter and 50% grit). I added a cuple of handfuls of peat to add a little moisture retention agent. I am still not confident that my own watering regime in the future will be as diligent as required with a very free draining medium.  Hence the peat.

I took time out to take a pic halfway through the planting process.

Colonel Saito say “Be happy at your work”

This is the finished product photographed at an angle to allow viewing of each of the trees. Once the trees have established and form new roots etc I think I will be able to wire some of the trunks into a better position. Time will tell

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