I re-potted this little Blackthorn 25th Feb 2011 approx. It sits about 8 inches tall and while it has a lot of developing to do I quite like it and I think it has some potential.

This is the tree in november 2011

This is the re-pot. This is not an ideal pot but is large enough to allow some root development before putting it into a more suitable and nicer pot. Maybe next year if it’s not too soon.

These pics of the flower buds were taken about 10 days ago.

These pics taken yesterday shows the flowers are opening nicely

I am looking forward to some more growth and improved ramification this growing season

September 2012

Blackthorn twin trunk Back

Blackthorn twin trunk

As the tree had done so well during the 2012 I decided to re-pot in September with a minimum of root disturbance. The original pot was not a good choice. The new one is slightly better but may well be replaced at a future date as the tree matures.

April 2015

The tree has done well over the last years although the ramification of the branches has not improved as much as I had hoped. I propose an aggressive feeding regime this year.

Blackthorn April 2015

Blackthorn April 2015


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