Informal Upright Juniper

Just an update on this tree which is beginning to fill out quite nicely. I  thinned out the foliage  a few weeks ago and this is promoting back budding to fill out and bulk up the pads.


Sept 2012


The top and bottom  sharis on the trunk have been lengthened quite a bit and I be able to join them soon to create one live vein. Still a way to go but progress is steady. Oh how I would live to have some nice trees. Too late now to develop and too expensive to buy so i’ll try not to be too discouraged and carry on enjoying what I can.

December 2011

As the Old Year slowly slips away and we await the frenzy of the New Year with spring just around the corner (maybe) I thought I would have a look at this simple little juniper that I have grown from a cutting struck about 6 years ago.

Spring promises to be a busy time as it will bring with it the burden of repotting. This little tree, while not high on the list of priorities, will definitely benefit from a new pot.

There are a number of possibilities for a front but I think it will be somewhere around here. My plan is to extend the Shari  up and around the trunk in order to add a little bit of interest to a fairly boring lower trunk. Question is, Is it possible. If it is it will need to be done very slowly.

The idea is to bring the shari up and around until it meets this jin which is halfway up the length of the trunk.

The nebari is fairly uninteresting but there’s a little something there which can be wired into a better position to give a bit of root spread. The next step is to do a little fine wiring and I will probably have a go during the next week or so.

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