Donegall Hawthorn

This little windswept tree was collected from the top of a wall in a derelict cottage near the village of Muff in Co Donegal about 7 years ago. In the truest sense of the word this is a bonsai produced by nature and I really like it. Apart from some branch extension and a little movement being put in to the long trunk  this tree is as it was collected. The tree was long overdue a re-pot.

Before Re-pot

Lower trunk and Nebari

The fissures on the trunk bark are truly amazing


The pictures do not do the tree justice. The branches need some more ramification and some placing but something tells me that I want to keep this tree as close to as it was collected as possible. I reckon from the bark that this is an old tree. Somewhere between 30-50 years old although it’s not possible to tell accurately.

I have added a little piece of lava rock to try to enhance the image

2 Responses to Donegall Hawthorn

  1. Strange thing is Steve that it has grown very slowly since collection. Even with the improved care last year. Maybe this year will see a difference


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