Building My Bonsai Display Bench

As spring 2011 slowly advances and my trees gradually emerge from the greenhouse I thought it was time to bite the bullet and build my long awaited and much needed display bench. In past years many of my trees have simply sat on the ground and this was just not good enough. Not only have my trees been viewed from a poor viewing angle but although I may be wrong I am convinced that the pots being at ground level has contributed to the spread of weed seeds from the flower beds to the pots.  The low-level does nothing to help that frequent futtering with trees which we all so casually engage in.

So here goes:

The basic frame made from 4×2 inch treated timber with cross rails 3×2 treated. It has always been my practice to give things frequent coats of looking over. This project was no exception. It also lets me take a bit of a breather. Things are going well.

Back to work

Top boards applied and screwed down using decking screws. It’s starting to look the part

I have opted for two levels so here I am assembling the front legs and frame

Another coat of  looking over

Bottom boards applied and cut

After a bit of a tidy up and placing a couple of trees it doesn’t look too bad. No major problems and more importantly no mistakes. This is not usual for me. With 3-4 bags of stones on the ground it will look well.  overall length just short of 3 metres and about 1.2 metres wide on the lower shelf.

As they say “It’s a good job, well hammered”

I think I need to think about a back board of some kind to maximize the display potential. I also need to think of a bit of a wind break on the left side of the bench as there can be a real draft from the North

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