Building More Benches

Well I have finally found the time (July 14) to build a couple of badly needed display benches. As the pics show they are a very simple but strong design that I saw on another site months back. I can’t remember where or I would give the credit. They consist of 2 of   4 x 4 inch fence posts concreted into the ground. I used 2 x 8 ft (2.2 metres in length) cut in half. They are joined by 2 of 4 x 2 inch top beams, one on either side and these are screwed into the fence posts using 5 inch hex head timber screws. All the timber is pressure treated

The actual display platform consists of 48 of 2 x 1 inch roofing lathe cut into 40 cm (16 inch approx) lengths and screwed into the top beams using 2 inch decking screws. The overall length of each bench is approx 8ft. Everything was hand sawn by an amateur so the lathes could have been neater if I had access to a chop saw. Nevertheless I am quite pleased with the final result. The timber has been treated with Ronseal Mid Oak water based stain.

These new benches are a great addition to my display area and have relieved my  problem of too many trees and not enough display stands. I will probably need at least one more bench in the very near future

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