White Pine Update

As the current growing season gradually winds down with the prospect of winter ahead i managed to grab a shot or two of one of my white pines. a year or so back I read an article on the Cratageus Bonsai blog where the advice was that we in the west should refrain from needle cutting or pulling in order to conserve the energy of these trees. the idea being that all needles should be left to drop naturally.

I have observed that practice since than but before I photographed this tree I very, very lightly pulled at the yellowing needles on this tree on the basis that they were about to fall. I then hosed the foliage with a medium strength jet of water to remove any that I had missed.

I think this worked reasonably well and I am happy with the result. I don’t think the vigour of the tree has been compromised in any way and it is maturing well as it continues it’s journey to becoming a pleasing white pine image.

I hope to de-wire the tree in the very near future.


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3 Responses to White Pine Update

  1. Very nice! I like the curves with the 1st branch and the trunk.


  2. makisada says:

    Love it!


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